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Jul 20th, 2010

Tetova: urban excursions

_City in search of an author “Gods of two species protect the city of Leandra”. Some “follow the families”. The others”belong  to the house”.”We will call the first one Penates  and the other Lares. The true essence of Leandra is subject of endless debate. The Penates belive they are the city’s  soul, even if they [...]

Jun 19th, 2010

Travel diary

———————– Travel  diary ———————– -  Friday 31 April 2010 – FASE 1: preparation and game rules: Once arrived in Tetove, the student have their first impressions about the city; many of them have heard about the city, but never been before in Tetovo; They met  the students of University SEE to start knowing each other and to [...]